Southwest Firewood have recently made a big investment and installed a kiln for drying logs at our Parkgate depot. This will allow us to supply kiln dried logs all year round to our customers at competitive prices. The logs we are drying are all sourced locally. We do not import any from Europe like many of our competitors do.

The advantage of kiln dried logs is that the moisture content will be guaranteed to be below 20% at all times. We have found that the most effective way to dry the logs in the kiln is to store them in the Packfix pallet packs that we produce at Parkgate. The way that the logs are stacked in the pallets allows the air to move through the pallet and all the logs get dried evenly. We leave the pallets in the kiln for the required time to get the moisture content correct, this can take up to 5 days at certain times of the year.

We will still continue to season logs naturally but now we will also be able to offer the guarantee of kiln dry logs throughout the year. We will be offering kiln dried logs for sale in hardwood or softwood pallets and these can still be delivered by our Landrover and trailer as we do with the bags.

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