Biomass Fuel

Due to the recent increase in the installation and use of biomass boilers we have decided to launch a new product (Logs for Biomass Boilers) aimed directly at customers with biomass boilers who are receiving either the commercial or domestic RHI tariffs.

Our biomass logs are softwood logs cut to a length of 50cm making them manageable and easy to lift but also large enough that it is practical to stack them into a boiler with a large burning chamber.

These logs will be force dried down to below 20% moisture, we have found from our own experience that drying enough wood for a biomass boiler naturally requires very large stockpiles of split logs sitting for up to a year preferably undercover. This is not only inconvenient because it takes up a large amount of space but also poses the problem of how to store these logs to ensure they dry efficiently in that time.

Our logs are packed in 1.6m3 pallet packs which are wrapped with a vented plastic wrap very similar to conventional big bale wrap so allows the logs to breath freely the logs are also loose in the pallet rather than stacked which does mean there is slightly less in a pallet but means that all the logs dry to the same low moisture content because the air can flow freely through the whole pallet.

We are a BSL authorised supplier and will issue you with an invoice with information including cubic meter volume of wood, moisture content and our BSL authorisation number so that it can be used for your fuel records which are now a requirement for boilers receiving the RHI.

For any more information or to order some wood please don’t hesitate to contact us. We also offer a contact processing service if you already have raw wood in stock.

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