South west firewood also supplies the wholesale market. 

    Seasoned soft and hardwood is available wholesale to be delivered throughout the UK. Minimum wholesale order is 55m3 which is one HGV lorry load (see attached pictures). To fill the Lorries efficiently the wood is packed in a mixture of pallets and bags. South west firewood can supply the bags at a cost or will fill bags supplied by the customer.

    South west firewood can arrange haulage for the load which will be charged at cost price and added onto the total cost or the customer can arrange their own haulage. Currently south west firewood doesn’t offer loose bulk loads due to the way we operate our production system. The preferred haulage type is a standard curtain sider HGV loaded as shown.


    Pallet Packs

    Why choose a pallet pack?

    Pallets of logs are 1.6m3 in volume which is guaranteed exactly by a solid metal bin, the pack wrap used is much the same as agricultural bale wrap and allows complete free air circulation throughout the pack. This allows split wood to season very quickly, prevents mould and stops the wood from deteriorating in any way whilst it remains in the pallet. The pallets are neat and function as a log store and transport packaging. The wood can be used straight out of the pack without the need to unload and restack. This feature also makes them ideal for storing wood destined for biomass boilers.