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    We can cut logs Lengths to suit you, please specify at checkout, ranging from 20cm/8” 25cm/10” 33cm/13” 40cm/15” 50cm/19” *Prices include VAT at 5%

    We deliver firewood for free within 30 miles of our yard, please use the delivery calculator on the checkout page to determine the cost of national delivery which we provide through TP Niven palletline.


    Pallet Packs

    Why choose a pallet pack?

    Pallets of logs are 1.6m3 in volume which is guaranteed exactly by a solid metal bin, the pack wrap used is much the same as agricultural bale wrap and allows complete free air circulation throughout the pack. This allows split wood to season very quickly, prevents mould and stops the wood from deteriorating in any way whilst it remains in the pallet. The pallets are neat and function as a log store and transport packaging. The wood can be used straight out of the pack without the need to unload and restack. This feature also makes them ideal for storing wood destined for biomass boilers.

    Southwest Firewood timber

    Our timber is sourced from established hardwood merchants based in Scotland and the North of England. All of the wood we supply comes from managed forests that operate programmes of replanting and renewal and has been harvested following strict environmental guidelines.

    It is important that wood and logs used for firewood should be well seasoned. If wood is not well seasoned it will not give out a lot of heat as much of the energy will be used as the water in the wood evaporates. We try to ensure that our wood is well seasoned prior to being processed on our premises. We use bags, vented on two sides, for delivery and storage. These allow air to circulate and further the drying process thus ensuring that the wood reaches its full potential on burning, releasing maximum energy into your home as heat.

    We use an efficient firewood processor to produce high quality logs cut to 8 inches and split. We can supply logs cut to your specification up to a maximum of 18 inches.

    Our hardwood logs are supplied by volume rather than weight as wood retains some moisture, even when seasoned. Wherever possible, our hardwood logs are delivered in mixed loads, providing a balance of heat and flame in an open fire and making the most of the different properties of the various woods.

    We offer a friendly and prompt delivery service to all our customers and delivery to areas within 30 miles of Parkgate is free. (Please use our interactive map to determine the distance between your home and our depot). We will deliver outside this area, however there may be a small delivery charge dependant on the size of the order and your location. You are welcome to collect from our premises at Parkgate. Please contact us for more information.