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    Contract Biomass Chipping Service

    We operate a Heizohack 10-400 drum chipper which was designed specifically to produce woodchip for biofuel this is fitted with a Botex crane and is driven by a Valmet t191 tractor making the system completely self –sufficient on site. With this highly specialised equipment we are able to turn most timber up to a diameter of 16” or 40cm into high quality G30 or G50 biomass woodchip.

    Chip quality is of paramount importance to us and we will work with customers to make sure that the product we are producing is the one you want. The chipper is fitted with a taller than standard spout which enables us to blow chip into most locations or containers whether this be directly into the roof hatch of a chip bin, an open fronted shed or a silage trailer to name a few of the common systems we have worked with.

    We can produce chips larger than both the common biomass grades for customers who require it.

    For any more information about the chipping service or for quotes please don’t hesitate to contact the office on 01387 860392 or Murray Graham on 07703042602

    Chipper Fact sheet

    Make and Model

    Heizohack 10-400

    (Crane Fed)

    Max. Log size

    16” (40cm )

    Work rate

    7 tons per hour

    Product range