South west firewood is a well-established local company based in Dumfries and Galloway we have been trading in firewood for the past 5 years. The business is run by father and son team Murray and Stephen Graham. South West Firewood is a specialist firewood log supplier dedicated to providing the best product possible to the local marketplace and providing people with a cheaper more environmentally friendly source of heat for their homes.

    Recent developments

    Murray Graham has recently graduated the SRUC (Edinburgh Campus) with a degree in Agriculture and is now back home in Dumfries to run South West Firewood full time. This has sparked some investment in the future of the business with the development of a new website and also the building of a kiln to dry firewood. The kiln will help South West Firewood to guarantee the quality of its products and make sure that there is consistent moisture content to the firewood all through the winter months. The kiln will be fired by a biomass boiler which helps South West Firewood to become as carbon neutral as possible.

    Future Plans

    South West Firewood is moving forward with the times as is shown by the introduction of the kiln, the future in biomass is bright and the renewable heat initiative is driving forward progress in this area with advanced modern boilers heating more homes and businesses. South West Firewood hopes to meet these increased demands in its sector and become one of the premier biomass suppliers in Southern Scotland.


    Contracting will also play a part in the future of South West Firewood for biomass users that supply their own wood. We will offer our services and our specialised machinery for hire to cut and pack wood for the fastest drying, helping them to get the best out of their biomass boiler system.